4 Useful Facts about Tree Topping

Tree topping is a very commonly used practice offered by all good arborists. Why is it so important? Does it harm trees? Read this blog to answer those and many other questions as well:

  • What exactly is that procedure? Topping trees is a method of eliminating branches that are too big or heavy and threaten the safety of power lines, vehicles, homes, people, etc. Too large tree lateral limbs are cut off to stubs. This technique is often implemented to reduce the size of a tree that has grown too big. If you have any large trees in your yard that you still want to keep, you should consider such a project.

  • Does this procedure harm trees in any way? Every tree service provider will tell you that removing 1/3 of a tree’s crown is actually a pretty stressful process for them. It interferes their food-making abilities. Removing its leaves, a tree is subjected to starvation and decay. So, they need to develop a new crown as soon as possible to survive. Eventually, new sprouts will appear but they will be much weaker.

  • Why is this practice performed in the first place by arborists? The main goal here to is to suppress trees overgrowing without entirely killing them. However, very often tree companies achieve the opposite effect. Tree topping lead to insects and diseases. Another reason people top large and old trees is because it is a lot quicker and easier than cutting them off.

  • So, what are the other alternatives? Planting new trees is the obvious answer to that question. Always call a reputable tree service provider when you consider that vital project and choose the species wisely. Ask about middle-sized trees that won’t disturb utilities, infrastructures, or views.

You can put your trust in JL Tree & Landscaping for tree projects of any kind. Got any questions? Do you reside in Renton, WA? By all means, give us a call right now at (206) 549-6671. You won’t regret it.


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