Do You Know What Costs are Involved in a Standard Tree Cutting Service?

In this post, you will find some useful information about all the costs included in a basic tree removal service. So, when you have big trees on your property and hire a tree contractor to cut them down, you will know what expenses will apply to your project. Check this out:

  • Tree trunk removal. This is obvious. Whether your trees are too large and they present a risk to your home’s safety, or they are diseased, their trunk must be eliminated in a timely and efficient manner. All tree cutting service providers charge differently for this essential and dangerous job. Heavy and lean branches may fall on your house’s roof or vehicle causing thousands of dollars in damage. A trunk will be cut down to smaller sections, so it will be easier to move them away from your property.

  • Tree limb chipping. Instead of paying for removing an entire tree, if it is still healthy, you can consider cutting down a few of its branches. The price, of course, will be a lot lower than eliminating an entire tree. If a tree poses a threat to the nearby power lines, call your utility company to handle that kind of problem. They should be doing this for free.

  • Stump removal. This is a task that almost always is charged separately. So, when you call a tree removal service provider with certain expertise, do not forget to ask about all the costs included in your project. If you don’t want to pay extra for that service, you will have to suffer the unpleasant consequences of having ugly stumps in your yard. Keep in mind that they are an eyesore and a danger to your kids and pets playing around them. They also attract various pests.

  • Additional expenses. They include travel expenses and a log splitting service if the company you have hired offers it. The size of your trees, their condition, and your location matter too.


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